This book helps you talk to your children (3 – 10 year olds) about why Daddy goes away to work for weeks at a time. It provides some insight into what actually happens onboard an offshore oil rig and what all family members and friends can do to look after each other, at work and at home.

The messages are applicable for all families around the globe regardless of industry. So many families get separated because of employment. Working together, asking questions when unsure, doing the “right thing”, looking after the new people, choosing happiness and living a healthy and happy life are key take aways.

How is it decided where to drill for oil and gas? What happens on the drilling rig? What happens once drilling is done? All is explained and illustrated in a very simple and fun way.

This book is aimed at increasing understanding of what people, such as the toolpusher, company man, derrickman, floorhand and more, do at work. It also builds on the messages of keeping safe and being happy at work, at home and at play.

The vision was that every family would receive a copy as a means of closing the “gap” of understanding between work and home. We can create something special for your company and the families of your people.

My Daddy Works On An Offshore Oil Rig

Saying goodbye to a loved one can be tough at the best of times but even more so when you are young and possibly struggling to understand why that person is leaving and why he/she will be away for so long.

This story takes us on that journey from the teary farewell to the loving hugs and kisses and “honey do lists” that become part of the family’s reunion.

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Young Ruthie introduces us to her family who have worked worldwide in the onshore oil field for generations. She talks to us about their jobs and how they live with their work ‘family’ and that makes her very happy knowing that they look after each other 24/7.

$9.95USD + shipping

discounts for bulk orders

My Daddy Works On A Drillship

This book was modelled from our first book and tailored to suit the needs of Chevron USA and Pacific Drilling and their people. We actually went onboard one of their drillships to capture ideas for this book – an awesome experience.

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