Our First Book – “My Daddy Works on an Offshore Oil Rig”

Posted on January 28, 2014    by orsomproductions

Hi everyone – well our first book “My Daddy Works on an Offshore Oil Rig” is due to be published within a few weeks.  We are extremely grateful to so many people who have helped us on our journey, especially the wives and partners of rig workers from Missisippi who asked us to do something for their families.  Also the encouragement and help we have received from complete strangers to put our ideas into pictures and words and share it with the world, and hundreds of people around the globe who saw our first sample book and offered suggestions on how to improve it. Thank you all.

Loftus Family

Our next announcement will be the book’s availability for purchase through our website – so stay tuned!

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  1. Nic Dundukov says:

    Thanks for sharing, John, this is a very good idea to open a website about safety and publish and promote books on safety from the kid’s perspective. Very awesome, congratulations. I wish you a success in this business.
    P.S.: The owl looks wise and ready to give good advice and encouragement.

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