We are a family like hundreds of thousands around the world that experience separation because of employment choices. Husband, father and grandfather John works FIFO (fly in/fly out) to work destinations all over the world – mainly oil and gas and mining. Many of our friends work DIDO (drive in/drive out) and others work WIWO (walk in/walk out) – yes, they walk from their villages for up to 20 miles to the job location.

A few years ago we were asked by families just like ours if we would create something to help close the sense of separation between home and work. From this our family set a vision of doing whatever we can to help and so far our books are our way of achieving this vision.

There is something in our books for everyone – the young, the grownups and for all families around the globe regardless of industry.

Orsom Owl's questions help stimulate the imagination and prompt plenty of interaction between the reader and the child. In addition to Orsom, the colorful and fun illustrations will keep you and your audience captivated and curious from front to back cover.

We are truly amazed and grateful for all the feedback and encouragement we have received to do more.